Man by building

Our rebellion against mediocre service, anonymous business relationships and lack of accountability.

Building a Strong Local Business Community. One Relationship at a Time.

Customer service is not what it used to be. If you’re over 30 you know this. If you are under 30, you’ve probably heard people over 30 complain about it (although you know old people - the complain about everything).

Technology has given us some astonishing things. Our knowledge, accessibility and advancements are doubling every 10 years.

Technology is also taking things away – like personal connection and real inter-personal communication. And personal responsibility. When you don’t have to communicate with someone face-to-face, it’s too easy to drop the ball or avoid taking action. Because you don’t have to look them in the eye, or tell them on the phone, that you forgot the order, didn’t make that important change, didn’t take care of them.

Yes, we have a website that lets you get prices and place re-orders without talking to anyone. You don’t need to have multiple faxes, emails or phone calls to handle a simple re-order of a form or business card. That’s just efficient use of your time.

But when you want to ask a question, make changes, you have an idea, or you are just curious, we have a telephone line that real people answer. 

And by the way, unlike so many anonymous 800 number companies, you're not an interruption of our work; you're the purpose of our work. We are truly grateful when you give us the chance to be a business partner and your printer or mailing service provider.

So please... go ahead and call us.

Somebody nice will answer.